Managing Sickness Absence

We all know that members of staff go off sick but sometimes it becomes unmanageable.

To be able to manage that so that it has the least effect on your school, you need to monitor when and why members of staff are off.  Usually a member of staff will be off for a relatively short period of time very occasionally.  However, it may be that when monitored, it shows that they are regularly having the odd day off.
To tackle this you need to have a “Back to Work” interview with them each and every time they come back to work.

This has a twofold purpose:-

1. It highlights if the member of staff is just taking days off because they feel like it; and

2. It highlights if there is an underlying issue with that member of staff, either in their home life or at work.

In respect of a member of staff that is regularly having a day off because they feel like it, you will need to take them through formal disciplinary proceedings, if an informal warning is not having the desired effect.

In respect of a member of staff with an underlying issue, it may be that you need to make adjustments to assist the member of staff in question regarding any issues they may have.

The other type of sickness is long term sickness.

This needs to be monitored so that you know when you should refer the member of staff to Occupational Health.  Very often staff are not referred quickly enough which only prolongs their absence, putting continuing pressure on other members of staff and your school budget.

Regardless of the type of absence you should follow your Sickness Absence policy and take advice from us or your professional HR provider.

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